w2do 2.2.0

2009-03-22 by Jaromír Hradílek, tagged as release, w2do

w2do 2.2.0 has been released! Among several usability improvements, few bug fixes and general revision of the code itself, the most significant change is a notable rewrite of associated HTML exporter with introduction of new default design. See the complete list of changes below.

Usability Improvements

  • Wrong command-line option no longer terminates any of the utilities. I believe an appropriate warning message is sufficient enough and definitely not so annoying.
  • Wrong group name is now properly reported, so that user knows, what he did wrong.
  • Added --shallow option to w2text in case a single list with no group names is required.
  • Made w2html create separate files for HTML and CSS. The style sheet can still be embedded to the page itself using --inline option.
  • Added --bare option to w2html to make it easier to include exported data to another page.
  • w2html no longer supports two different themes and a new one was designed to take their place. Customisation is newly possible by replacing the style sheet.

Bug Fixes

  • None of the utilities accept wrong group name any longer: it was possible to specify a group with colon in it, which used to have some nasty consequences like corrupted save file and/or even unexpected crash.
  • Added --encoding option to w2html to prevent possible browser confusion; when omitted, UTF-8 is used by default as a reasonable choice.
  • Made w2html properly escape reserved characters to avoid smuggling HTML entities inside the tasks.
  • Fixed w2html output, so that empty task list no longer results in empty file.